Business Network Solutions

  • Atani Satellite Services Limited can design and build your Corporate Network, connecting your central and remote offices and access to global networks.
  • Our Corporate Network structures include high bit-rate access to the internet and provide a wide range of data management and transmission features and benefits.
  • We design your Corporate Network with consideration of existing and future needs including expansion to new locations, new services and increased usage
  • Atani can link separate LANs to form a single Network that permits Wide Area Networking.

RF Network and Broadcast Solutions

  • Atani provides RF network planning, design and implementation services which including Link budget analysis and calculation for Satellite and Microwave links.
  • We install and maintain Large Satellite Earth Stations, Vsat BTS Backhaul infrastructure and Microwave Transmission Infrastructure.
  • Broadcast infrastructure systems installation and maintenance.
  • As a systems integration company our customers benefit from our wealth of experience.

Fiber Optic Solutions

  • Atani leverages on the vast fiber optic training and experience of our personnel in producing robust fiber optic network designs.
  • Our project teams are well equipped with the state of the art tools and test equipment for fast and reliable deployments.
  • We take advantage of our significant experience in project management to model our project management processes to track our projects for timely delivery.
  • Atani is also well experienced in handling community issues during fiber optic deployment projects.

Professional Services

  • Atani Satellite Services provides customized training to our customers and development for personnel from engineers on ground to the senior management team.
  • Atani Satellite Services Limited provides advanced level consulting service for network roll out and existing network optimization with emphasis on transmission services.
  • We also offer network system integration solutions for telecommunications operators and carriers.
  • Atani provides technical network audit for effective infrastructure utilization.